HearDefenders-DF™ Dual Filtered Earplugs


New HearDefenders-DF™ Hearing Protection: Breakthrough Technology from E.A.R., Inc

Until now you were never able to purchase a multi-functional dual filtered hearing protector that was designed to help you hear speech better in noise and could be hooked up to two-way radio communications! 

According to the military, law enforcement and industrial groups, many of the standard type ear protectors on today's market go unused properly because they MINIMIZE one's ability to hear critical sounds needed for communications and environmental awareness. In response to this situation we have placed our professional focus on advanced technology that incorporates breathable, moisture resistant ACOUSTICAL FILTERS that improve sound quality when the ear is overloaded with excess noise......CONTINUOUS or IMPACT! 

Attenuation increase as noise increases. Lets speech through. Can be used with radio communications. 

NOTE: The exterior filter can be easily removed if less attenuation is desired or if the end user wants to connect radio communications. (Most individuals will get a comfortable seal with the Medium size.)

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