The LifeBox50 is designed for the First Responder to transport anything he needs that is temperature sensitive; without having to worry about a heavy, tethered powered unit. The Responder is not restrained by temperature changes over time. The LifeBox50 is able to maintain its core temperature for unprecedented durations in the most extreme ambient conditions. The standard box can hold 8 1 Liter IV solutions at temp for over 50 hours. Superior insulation, combined with rugged cases for protection, make it the number one choice for any medic.

This unit can be customized by requesting one large payload space, or two of your desired dimensions! Each section can have its own temperature.

Equipped with digital temperature display, battery and solar powered!

Equipped with digital thermometer display, for payload temperature monitoring. Solar/Battery powered.

Colors: Black, Desert Tan, Orange and Yellow
Sizes: Small, Standard, Large

SMALL LB50 NSN#:8145 01 596 4629
STANDARD LB50 NSN#:6545 01 596 4015

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